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Cherry Bit is the platform on which we provide intelligence services for the credit world.
Thanks to powerful engines and deep experience in the credit and banking market we search and connect millions of data points and extract information in order to maximise the asset value of NPE portfolios. It’s a user friendly customer performance suite working at unprecedent speed where anyone can make better decisions,  based on the best quality and up-to-date info. We estimate time and value of portfolio’s recovery. Using Cherry Bit, asset managers could estimate two key performance indicators: when and how much the value of the portfolios will be recovered.

Portfolio Clustering
Upload some positions or an entire portfolio and Cherry Bit in a twinkling of an eye will return you a crystal clear view of its composition. Blazing fast⚡️. Using Cherry Bit proprietary technology, the platform will enrich your data with all the missing content and provide you a structured visualization of all the relevant information. Starting from a clear dashboard you can deep dive in every data set and filter information according to your management needs. Information and visualization are the main asset of this service.
Live Update
Do data change? Yes, definitely. Information evolve on a daily basis: we track each change and notify your team. A new auction is published? We know it. Distribution phase is started? We know it. There’s some new relevant news about a company? We know it - and with Cherry Bit you know it too.
Cherry Picking
Developing business plans and estimating both the value of credit positions and the time of the recovery activity will be possible, at unprecedented speed. Using Cherry Bit we can help you to choose the best ? in your portfolio and to avoid the rotten ?.
About Cherry Srl
Cherry Srl designs, develops and provides innovative products and services with high technological value. It uses artificial intelligence to enhance credit portfolios in the various stages of asset deterioration.
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